Cabasse Santorin 30-500

Cabasse Santorin 30-500

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The power and musicality of amplification, the precision of automatic optimization to room acoustics, the sensitivity of the 30cm honeycomb woofer, 360° down-firing… each and every detail of the Santorin 30 500 makes it the ultimate hifi home cinema and the leader of its category, and provides easy acoustical and aesthetical integration.


The honeycomb structure of the 30 cm woofer in the S30-500 permits a long excursion without deforming and distorting. High sound levels are possible across a wide frequency range thanks to the long voice coil, Kapton former and powerful magnetic field.


The Cabasse software for acoustical analysis and room correction is integrated in the 500W amplifier. The system comes with a measuring microphone ensuring a quick and automatic ajustment of the subwoofer’s response thanks to its very reliable parametric digital filters. Three different set ups, manual or automatic, can be memorized and then selected with the dedicated remote control.

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