Cabasse Santorin 21

Cabasse Santorin 21


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Santorin 21 subwoofer is highly efficient wether it is use in pure audio or as a complement to a Home Theater installation. The vertical 360° down-firing driver offers punchy bass, full of details and depth. It allows the placement of the subwoofer near walls and furniture with no acoustical compromise. In Gloassy black or glossy white it is ideally fitting with satellite speakers such as IO2 or Eole 3.


The paper based membrane of the 21MT3 woofer enables clean reproduction at low and very high sound levels. Light but well damped, it provides quick and generous bass. Thanks to the high efficiency of the woofer and the 400 W peak power of the TSA 200 D amplifier,   Santorin 21 provides thrilling dynamic effects, full of realism on both music and home theater tracks.


The traditional, horizontal emission of subwoofers has been replaced by a vertical vent, down firing in 360°. The noise is filtered, the effects of internal standing waves are dampened, the positioning between the subwoofer and the wall is less critical, and the reproduction of bass is deeper and purer, always live and dynamic.

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Black High Gloss, White High Gloss